Morgan James

Interactive Designer

A video whiz and keen designer, Morgan works across her discipline to marry strong content with beautiful design and create visuals that cohesively deliver the right messages to the right audiences.

Bio: Morgan James
Number of pairs of patterned socks owned

As one of Connection Media’s Interactive Designers, Morgan works with video, animation projects and web and logo design. She creates a variety of projects in both digital and print mediums for our clients. Before joining the team, Morgan worked at a marketing agency specializing on video and animation, along with logo and brand designs. She has her bachelor’s in visual communication from Stevenson University and an MFA in multimedia design from University of Baltimore.

What’s the best part about being in your role?

Being surrounded by creative people and in an environment that I feel comfortable in.

Favorite Movie:

Garden State.

Favorite moment at CM so far?

A colleague’s going away party. I had an amazing time with everyone and got to know people better.