Laura Palazio

Account Manager, Client Services

With extensive experience in communications, Laura uses her acute attention to detail and knack for fostering client relationships to produce and implement digital strategies that consistently surpass client expectations.

Bio: Laura Palazio

Laura works with several clients and coordinates with internal teams to achieve digital and strategic goals. Before joining Connections Media, Laura worked for the Global Environment and Technology Foundation, where she helped manage their communications and focused on corporate social responsibility and water access in the developing world. Laura graduated from the College of William and Mary with a bachelor’s in international relations and a minor in economics.

What’s the best part about being an Account Manager?

I like being able to work across CM’s diverse teams and having the opportunity to learn a lot from every department.

What’s your hidden talent?

Tap dancing. I took tap classes for 10 years, and recently started going back to classes.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your role?

Always pay attention to the little details. I’ve learned that across all my clients, it makes the biggest difference when you notice different aspects or get ahead of them when it comes to certain things.