Julianne Twining

Senior Project Manager

As a quick problem-solver and highly-organized project manager, Julianne brings an immeasurable talent for managing complex projects from beginning to end, ensuring to fill all the holes and tie all the pieces together.

Bio: Julianne Twining
Number of Solidcore Classes Taken

Julianne manages complex digital and technical projects from start to finish, communicating along the way with clients and internal cross-functional teams. Julianne establishes meaningful client relationships and keeps the internal teams organized and on schedule, setting everyone up for success. Before joining the Connections Media team, she was a project manager at NCTA - The Internet & Television Association and assistant producer at the entertainment creative agency Aspect in Hollywood. Julianne received her bachelor's from the University of Virginia and her master's in communications from the University of Southern California.

Favorite moment at CM so far?

When it's all hands on deck the days before a big site preview or launch. The whole team is making sure everything works great and functions properly while also celebrating months of hard work. We even pop champagne!

What technology innovation made the most impact on your life?


What’s your hidden talent?

Quoting irrelevant movie and television show lines.