Adam Middleton

Manager, Content Services

A master of words, Adam has the exceptional ability to quickly and accurately create powerful messaging that speaks to relevant audiences and raises awareness of high-profile clients and issue areas.

Bio: Adam Middleton
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Adam informs the content strategy for a number of clients and efficiently manages the day-to-day creation of digital content. Fusing creativity and best practices, Adam produces engaging blog posts, social media content, longform pieces and shareable graphics. Before joining Connections Media, Adam developed social media content for the Children’s National Medical Center and local nonprofits. He graduated from the George Washington University with a bachelor’s in journalism and mass communication.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your role?

There is no such thing as too much research. Whether drafting a piece of content that is 100 characters or a blog post, having as much context and information as possible will give you the best leg up to hit your marks.

Do you remember your first “digital” experience?

The After Dark screensavers on my father’s Apple computer.

What’s your work guilty pleasure?

Desk concerts. Where I'm located in the office, I can sing along to songs almost undetected.