Video Series Educates Consumers on ACA Health Coverage

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The Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) set out to help consumers demystify their health care options with Connection Media's help. The Coverage Classroom video series educates health care consumers on coverage issues including out of pocket costs, health care disparities, and access to clinical information through accessible, engaging animation.

The Challenge

In the years following the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), American health consumers were faced with increasingly complex and often confusing insurance coverage decisions. In response to this growing knowledge gap, The Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) set out to help consumers demystify their health care options. PhRMA approached Connections Media with the goal of launching “,” a single digital destination for industry research on health insurance and prescription drug coverage under the ACA. 

As part of the larger project, the Connections team identified an opportunity to explain the complex landscape of health coverage for the average consumer through an engaging, accessible, animated video series. 

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The Solution

Connections Media pulled resources from our design, development, content, digital marketing, and account management teams to produce the original, animated “Coverage Classroom” video series. The videos advanced PhRMA’s main goal of providing health care consumers with all the information they needed to make the smartest decisions about care and prescription coverage plans that suit them best. Each video follows the style of a classroom lesson conducted via a simple whiteboard, with the narrator briskly animating each important piece of the coverage puzzle. 

The simple narrative and accessible animation style serve health care consumers across varying age, education, and even linguistic groups. The series covers wide-ranging health issues including out-of-pocket costs, health coverage disparities, and access to important clinical information. The videos are flexible enough to headline the website while standing alone on YouTube, Facebook, and a variety of digital video ad platforms.

The video series launched in October 2014, coinciding with the 2014 insurance exchange open enrollment period, and continues with regular new installments covering important developments in the health care coverage landscape under the ACA.

Taken together, the series provides consumers with a comprehensive education on health and prescription coverage, moving from the basics all the way to specific issues of accessing key clinical information.

In coordination with the launch of the Access Better Coverage website, Connections Media developed a media strategy that incorporated promoting the videos into PhRMA’s priorities for the overall project. This digital promotion strategy blended a targeted approach in key states alongside a broader-reaching, national advertising push. The video series was promoted through regular campaigns spanning social media, Pandora radio, search, and native advertisements on media outlets including Huffington Post, Daily Caller, and Politico. 

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The Results

Since the initial launch of the ABC website and video promotion campaigns in October 2014, the Coverage Classroom video series has received impressive viewership including more than 370,000 views on YouTube. Meanwhile, a Huffington Post interactive ad campaign featuring four of the videos generated nearly 400,000 interactions between October and December 2014 alone. Through the Coverage Classroom video series, Connections Media continues to help PhRMA provide consumers with clear-eyed, accessible information to inform their coverage choices in the shifting landscape of the health care market since the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

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