The Latest with Facebook
January 18, 2018

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In its quest to become the one stop shop for everything digital, Facebook has been expanding their offerings to aggressively move into messaging and video services. With its suite of new products, the platform is hoping to draw in both businesses and consumers with a wide array of products, channels and points of entry into their various products (including Instagram and Whatsapp).

Over 1.3 billion people worldwide use Facebook Messenger and how businesses can utilize the platform

2017 was the largest year yet for Facebook Messenger with more than 1.3 billion users worldwide. There were more than seven billion conversations happening on Messenger everyday. Many brands are trying to utilize Messenger by creating Messenger bots, which “can answer questions, provide automated responses and be programmed with simple AI.” They can be used for anything from customer service to order fulfillment or simply to disseminate  information.

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How should brands be using Facebook Live?

One of the perks (or drawbacks, depending on how you think of it) of Facebook Live is that the video broadcasts are “done in real-time and without an editor, so it feels very intimate and connective.” Facebook Live is a great way to livestream a large event or have an interactive chat between the users and the company. Live broadcasts can be up to four hours long, which allows for coverage of conferences and longer events.  

The more creative the livestream, the more engagement it will get from the user base. Another benefit of utilizing Live is that once the broadcast ends, the video is published to the page or profile for users to continue to engage with. Live enables a more personal experience between a brand and users.

Adding highlighted shares to video insights for Pages

A new feature Facebook recently rolled out gives publishers and creators more information about the pages that are re-sharing their videos. Highlighted Shares feature the top five pages that have re-shared a video. This is a great way for pages to see different types of engagement and possibly encourage collaboration between pages and users.

Users can legally upload songs in videos

In some entertainment news, Facebook and Sony/ATV Music Publishing have agreed to a deal that allows Facebook users to upload music in their videos. So if an individual posts a video and a song is playing in the background, that video won’t be taken down, or if a creator puts a song in the background of their video, it’ll remain up. This allows for more flexibility in content that is posted and created. Since a huge amount of YouTube’s usage comes from music-related content, this could be a move to challenge the video dominance of Google’s platform.

Facebook is working hard to become a social platform that applies to all types of people: creators, businesses and regular users. With these recent updates, it’ll be interesting to see what direction Facebook decides to go in next.

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