Integration is the Future
April 18, 2018

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New in Digital is a blog series dedicated to highlighting digital news from across the web and explaining what those developments mean for organizations in the public affairs environment.

Every day as we effortlessly use technology to make our life easier, we forget the extent to which seamless integration makes that possible. Remember when you had to download a separate emoji app if you wanted to send a fun text? Companies like LinkedIn, Apple and Instagram are bringing new functionality into their platform so you never leave.

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LinkedIn rolling out native video advertising

Companies can now run native video ad campaigns and include video within their Company Pages, which is the next step in their expanding focus on sponsored content. The videos will live directly in the news feed as standalone posts, which will give browsing LinkedIn a very different feel — more like Facebook and Twitter — and hopefully increase traffic and engagement.

These native videos will also collect high-quality leads with a call to action or one of LinkedIn’s lead gen forms.

Apple putting Business Chat in iMessage

Apple is trying to capitalize on all the vitriol heading Facebook’s way by stealing some of FB Messenger’s market share. Apple has rolled out its new Business Chat feature which allows people to send and receive messages from businesses right inside iMessage. It works very much like chatting with a business on Facebook Messenger.

The idea is that when you looks up a business in Safari, Maps, or Search, you will see a message icon along with the other business information so you can instantly start a conversation with the business. You can even learn if the business offers the option to use Apple Pay. It’s a threat to Facebook because it streamlines communication with a business and cuts Facebook out of the equation.

GIFs are back to Instagram

Instagram and Snapchat removed integration with stickers from Giphy once they realized the massive library of user-generated content included racist images. However, Giphy re-moderated the library four times.and Instagram has now brought the animated gif collection back into the platform as stickers you can add to your Stories. From now on, Giphy will also tighten moderation before stickers are approved and added to the library.  

Integrations add value to our pre-existing apps. When they work well, they make our lives easier and help us get more out of the tools and software we already use daily. By integrating video in its feed, LinkedIn wants to help advertisers boost viewer engagement. With Business Chat integrated into devices running iMessage, Apple hopes to keep users glued to their software. And Instagram found a way to push for moderation to so that they could restore the integration of gif-stickers that millions of people use to personalize their Stories.

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