Insight, Ideas, and Influence
September 10, 2017


Connections Media spent an afternoon at Google’s D.C. office last month for a presentation about using digital to activate social change.

Capitol building

The program explored the latest insights in digital, new ideas for digital content strategy, tools and resources to enhance client goals, and examples of best-in-class advocacy campaigns. It also marked the launch of the new Google Advocacy and Associations team.

In 2015, any successful movement hoping to shift public opinion or drive policy change will need a digital aspect. Google revealed during the event that 46 percent of average citizens and 89 percent of political insiders and policymakers turn to search to learn more about issues.

Google offered three key points as takeaways for optimizing advocacy campaigns: 

  • align content and media with the largest relevant audience;
  • educate audiences by answering questions about the issues through video and search; and
  • re-engage with the people who take actions on your cause, as they can be an asset for future work on related issues.

At Connections Media, our Digital Advertising and Content Services work in tandem to deliver award-winning campaigns for our public affairs clients. Later in the program, Amber shared her insights for reaching people on the web.

“Before you can get anyone to take an action, you have to understand the issue,” she said. “It’s about knowing your audience and the issue, then being strategic with a streamlined message.”

The other panelists, Brian Donahue of CRAFT and Eric Gilbertsen of RepEquity, discussed the importance of leveraging multiple platforms and relaying messages beyond the recycled rhetoric of the Hill. The conversation then highlighted the significance of solid reporting.

“One of the most important aspects of running a campaign is understanding what exactly happens after it,” Amber said. “Your choices and your strategies should be developed by data.”

As a full-service digital agency, Connections Media is proud to offer clients support at every point in their campaigns, including content, design, and analytics. We look forward to continue developing quality, tailored messages that enable our clients to reach their audiences in the right moment, with the right message in order to achieve their goals.